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    全部新聞 公司動態阿里運營外貿知識網站營銷


    來源:一線口語 瀏覽:2682 時間:2019-08-14 11:43:06


    execute an order執行訂單

    execute a contract執行合同

    registered capital 注冊資本,注冊資金。

    capital investment 投資資本,投資資金。

    in answer to your leter of ...回復你的...來信。

    we have received your letter of ... 我們收到你 ...的來信。

    we acknowledge receipt of your letter of ...我們確認收到你的信...

    referring to your letter of ...關于你...來信

    thank you for your letter of ... 謝謝你 ...的來信

    fulfil one's engagement.履行自己的承諾。信守承諾。

    break one's engagement.不履行自己的承諾。不守承諾。


    please oblige us by offering your lowest price.請提供我們你最低的報價。

    we should be obliged if you would reply to us soon.如果你能馬上回復我們將不勝感激。

    we are obliged to close our Hongkong office because of heavy loss.因為嚴重虧損我們不得不關閉香港辦事處。

    we shall inform you of the market situation later.我們過一些時候告訴你市場情況。

    they inform us that the L/C has been opened.他們通知我們信用證已經開出。

    please keep us informed of the market position.請隨時報告我們市場行情。

    you may approach our agents for your requriements.關于你的要求你可以接觸我們的代理。

    you have approached the shipping company for booking the space.關于訂艙問題你已經聯系船務公司了。

    the time of shipment is approaching.裝船時間馬上就要到了。

    the responsibility falls on your part.責任由你方負責。

    on your part, you must urge your customer to open the L/C soon.你方應催促你的客戶盡快開信用證。

    there is no objection on our part.我們沒有異議,我們不反對。

    we thank in advance.預致謝意。

    you must make payment in advance.你需要提前付款。

    we cannot make a promise in advance.我們不能做事先承諾。

    we are in the line of machine tools.機床是我們的業務范圍。

    their line of business is light industrial products.他們的業務是輕工業產品。

    our price is in line with the market.我們的價格符合市場行情。

    the case is lined with tin-plate.箱子里面襯套錫板。

    you must keep your engagement.你必須信守承諾。

    we cannot accept any fresh orders because we are fully engaged.我們的訂單已滿,不能接新訂單了。

    we have been engaged in machine tools for more than ten years.我們十年多一直從事機床行業。

    we should appreciate it if you would reply to us at an early date.如果你們能盡早回復我們將不勝感激。